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How to clean your kitchen extractor fan - Good Housekeeping

The smell of a freshly cooked meal is the great way to get your family to come out of their bedrooms, but you don't always want food aromas lingering around.

That's where a kitchen extractor fan comes in handy, especially during the winter when you don't want to open up the windows.

It's a job we often forget about, but keeping your kitchen extractor fan clean and grime-free will help it work more effectively. Here's our step-by-step guide.

For paper or carbon filters, check the manufacturer's guide to see whether you can clean them and where to buy replacements. A good place to start is Amazon or Lakeland, but you may have to buy replacements direct from the manufacturer.

GHI Tip: If you’re having your oven cleaned professionally, make use of their expert skills and ask them to tackle the extractor, too.

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How to clean your kitchen extractor fan - Good Housekeeping

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