Omega Lamplighters welcomes new classes

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — It was big day for those at Omega Lamplighters in Tallahassee.

"This program has made be confident, It's given me principles, leadership, it's helped me with academics," said inductee Caleb Johnson. Smart Study Lamp

Omega Lamplighters welcomes new classes

Johnson joined the Omega Lamplighters Junior program four years ago. Now as a freshmen in High School-- he'll be joining the main program this year-- where he'll have the opportunity to join the step team, or go on field trips like college football games in the Big Bend.

"I'm seeing all of the great men that they're producing, they're going out into the community," said Johnson.

Director Royle King said these opportunities are important for kids who might not otherwise be able to have special experiences.

"I hope that they become better citizens, I hope that they become the model for citizens in our community, I hope that they become leaders," said King.

King added that this year is extra special at their Saturday night induction ceremony. They not only welcomed incoming freshmen and middle schoolers into their programs, now third and fourth graders will be able to join in the lamplighters way of life.

"We want to save these boys lives right? If we start in high school, we're still doing great work, if we start in middle school, we're doing even better work, if we start in elementary school, we're changing families lives," said King.

King also started a new position this week here in Leon County. He's taking as executive Director of the Status of Men and Boy's.

Omega Lamplighters welcomes new classes

Bluetooth Disco Light That council, a direct result from Anatomy of a Homicide that looked at homicides from 2015 to 2020, will work to address at-risk youth in Leon County.