March 14, 2019 - An isolation transformer is a special purpose transformer. Its main purpose is to fully insulate the secondary winding from any connection to ground. Isolation transformers are usually 1:1 ratio, have insulation on the transformer wire and insulation barriers between the coils and the core. Sometimes they have a sheet copper shield between the primary and secondary cools. There are two main functions of an ATO isolation transformer

1. STEP UP OR STEP DOWN Function: To transmit 3 phase/ single phase power at a high voltage or low voltage as per our requirement. Potting Transformer

ATO introduces Step up Step down Isolation Power Transformers

2. ISOLATION Function: To isolate between two existing circuits for safety. Generally isolation power transformers are used to step up or step down voltage but when there is a requirement of isolating a circuit from another, there ISOLATION function can be used, since Isolation transformer may or may not step up or step down the voltage.

Isolation transformers are mostly used in electronic circuits found in electronic devices such as television, computers, variable frequency drives or solid state relay circuits.

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ATO introduces Step up Step down Isolation Power Transformers

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